Who am I?

I am: a wife, mom, step-mom, grandma, sister, daughter, aunt, full-time work outside the home steady night shift, work part-time from home (this blog) all shifts, exhausted and sometimes unmotivated, good-hearted, sometimes sarcastic, imperfect, out of shape (unless round is “in shape”) early middle-aged girl/lady/woman who loves: positivity, truth, reality, love, encouragement, ideas and dreams of organization, lists (just ask my husband about my lists), plain, not fancy,being down to Earth, but know my worth (most of the time), that wants to: share ideas, share encouragement, learn more about myself, encourage myself to work on what’s not working, encourage you to work on what’s not working, and most importantly, set a positive example to those I love, that each and every one of us has the potential to do great things, even if only for ourselves.


Julie (not a pampered princess)