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Do you have a “grazer”?

What is a “grazer” you ask? A child who wants to eat…  constantly.  We have  two of those.  Both of these children want to  eat ALL THE TIME. It takes up so much of the day to have them asking for things to eat and drink. Now, don’t get me wrong, I want my kids to eat. The problem is, if I fix them larger meals, they don’t eat it all. When they eat what they are interested in for the moment, the rest gets thrown to the dogs with fits of laughter.  The dogs have NO issue with this arrangement at all!

I, however, do not buy groceries to have them fed to the dogs, wasted, thrown away, etc. (the dogs are the crumb-catchers, don’t worry, they get enough).

My husband and I have tried to put them on a “schedule”, loosely, sort-of, but it always falls by the wayside when I am overwhelmed with so much to do, it’s just easier to just give them what they want, so they will sit down for 5 min. Sigh, there is my guilty admission. I give in too easy.

So my husband had THIS brilliant brainstorm:

pablo (7)


Divide up the day into snacks and meals. I had some scrapbook stickers to put on the clock at the decided times, and ta-da! NO MORE GIVING IN!

This has taken away the uncertainty of what to feed them when: a meal vs snack, when did I last give them something, when should they eat again? It is a routine, a no-brainer!

And guess what else? The kids don’t argue about waiting, much. They visually can “see” the next time they will have something to eat. AND… even though they can’t tell time yet, they are only 4 and 2, we have created an opportunity to teach them. WIN-WIN-WIN!

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Julie (not a pampered princess)


IMG_1305Newton’s First Law of Motion states that a body at rest will remain at rest, and a body in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Well, I definitely have the “at rest” part down perfectly! What I have the most trouble with, is finding the energy/motivation/force  to get “in motion”. Things that have worked for me in the past include inviting people over, fear of “bodily injury”, (seriously… a multi-toy minefield) or just reaching a “I really can’t stand this anymore” moment.

Once I get “in motion”, it is so much easier to build momentum and keep going with other projects. Nike has it right when they say “just do it”.  Just do one thing. You will feel an amazing sense of accomplishment with just that one thing! That is your “energy/motivation/force” to keep going.

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