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Health is more than a “size”. More than a number on the scale. More than just a physical state. We need to realize this. Take a look at the “big” picture. Find some perspective.

How can I help you find that perspective? Where should we start? Let’s start with your attitude about yourself…remind yourself, hour by hour if you have to…”There is no such thing as perfect”. You are a work in progress. That means you   ALWAYS   have the ability to change that which is not ideal to you, for your experience.

Life is a journey. Learning, changing, growing. Embrace it. It’s ok to be nervous. I am.

Tell me something you wish to change that is not a physical trait.


Julie (not a pampered princess)


human connection 

  I am a spiritual person, not necessarily a religious one. I do, however, believe that we all   need to feel there is a connection to a higher power for support sometimes. Even if we look to the connection among each other, the human race, without limitations of gender, politics, identified orientation, race. Just that we are all HUMAN. Maybe, if we could focus on that commonality instead of our differences, the world would be a nicer place.  


Have you ever done something as a small gesture for someone and had them seem overwhelmed by it? I have wondered why some people react so intensely with the smallest of gestures. In my line of work, we see daily, that people sometimes appreciate “the little things” more than the life-saving “big” things we do as nurses. A warm blanket, holding a hand and talking to them for a few unhurried moments (even if we don’t really have the time), a cool washcloth to a fevered forehead. I don’t need a doctor’s order to do these things, they are my comforts to my patients.

A kind, soft spoken word of encouragement to someone struggling may mean more to them then you could ever imagine. This is my small gesture to you today. You can do this.  

you can do this



What if, for just one day, you had ALL the confidence in yourself that you needed to accomplish the biggest goal you have? Think about that for a second. No uncertainty, no doubt, no hesitation… just confidence.  Feel it. Own it. Even if it’s only for a minute. Embrace it. Somewhere deep inside you a switch has been flipped. It’s up to you to act on that feeling. Not to say there won’t be failures or disappointments. But, if you read my post “Momentum“, you will at least be “in motion”,  and sometimes that is the only confidence switch you need.

Leave me a comment on what hinders your confidence.


Which side of the Fence?


Which side of the fence are you on today? Are you being held in, held captive? What is holding you back? Your thoughts, lack of action, lack of confidence can all be things that may hold you back from achieving success or at least taking positive steps toward your goals.

Imagine the gate, imagine it  swinging wide open to allow you to get outside the fence. Don’t be afraid to step through that threshold, out into the freedom that awaits you.  What is one thing you can do today to help you achieve your goals? What gate can you open to help you succeed?

Comment below, let us know which side of the fence you are on today and what “gate” you need opened!

Storm Clouds/Negative Thoughts

notapamperedprincess/Storm Clouds

On my way to work, I noticed storm clouds and started thinking about the similarity of clouds and thoughts. I’m weird, I know. Clouds are not solid things, they are able to be passed through with no resistance. Thoughts are not solid things. (Stay with me here.) What happens when clouds build into storms? We can certainly see a physical effect from them. Devastation, destruction, chaos.  What happens when your negative thoughts build into a “storm”? Do you have physical effects from your negative thoughts?  Let the winds of change blow those storm-causing “clouds” out of your head. Take a deep breath and have a moment of thanks for just one thing today. Cheers to clearer skies ahead for you!



IMG_1298      Thank you for visiting! My message for you today is, even when you feel like no one is there to believe in you… I do. When you doubt yourself, come back here and read this message again. I believe in you. It’s no coincidence I posted this today, you needed to see this. And I will be here, to tell you over and over, until you believe in yourself.