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Which side of the Fence?


Which side of the fence are you on today? Are you being held in, held captive? What is holding you back? Your thoughts, lack of action, lack of confidence can all be things that may hold you back from achieving success or at least taking positive steps toward your goals.

Imagine the gate, imagine it  swinging wide open to allow you to get outside the fence. Don’t be afraid to step through that threshold, out into the freedom that awaits you.  What is one thing you can do today to help you achieve your goals? What gate can you open to help you succeed?

Comment below, let us know which side of the fence you are on today and what “gate” you need opened!


IMG_1305Newton’s First Law of Motion states that a body at rest will remain at rest, and a body in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Well, I definitely have the “at rest” part down perfectly! What I have the most trouble with, is finding the energy/motivation/force  to get “in motion”. Things that have worked for me in the past include inviting people over, fear of “bodily injury”, (seriously… a multi-toy minefield) or just reaching a “I really can’t stand this anymore” moment.

Once I get “in motion”, it is so much easier to build momentum and keep going with other projects. Nike has it right when they say “just do it”.  Just do one thing. You will feel an amazing sense of accomplishment with just that one thing! That is your “energy/motivation/force” to keep going.

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Storm Clouds/Negative Thoughts

notapamperedprincess/Storm Clouds

On my way to work, I noticed storm clouds and started thinking about the similarity of clouds and thoughts. I’m weird, I know. Clouds are not solid things, they are able to be passed through with no resistance. Thoughts are not solid things. (Stay with me here.) What happens when clouds build into storms? We can certainly see a physical effect from them. Devastation, destruction, chaos.  What happens when your negative thoughts build into a “storm”? Do you have physical effects from your negative thoughts?  Let the winds of change blow those storm-causing “clouds” out of your head. Take a deep breath and have a moment of thanks for just one thing today. Cheers to clearer skies ahead for you!



Hi there! I’m really glad you are here! Today’s thought is about humor. Don’t be afraid to laugh, even when things are bad, find someway to take a deep breath and laugh. Movies, cartoons, magazines, your family, just find something that gives you a chuckle. “Laughter is the best medicine” they say. There is a reason for that. There are actual physical, sciencey benefits to it. Don’t be afraid to laugh, even at yourself, even at the worst times. There are lots of people willing to do it for you, so do it for yourself instead.



IMG_1298      Thank you for visiting! My message for you today is, even when you feel like no one is there to believe in you… I do. When you doubt yourself, come back here and read this message again. I believe in you. It’s no coincidence I posted this today, you needed to see this. And I will be here, to tell you over and over, until you believe in yourself.