Fridge Papers…everybody has them.


Does your fridge look something like this? Better? Worse? I have finally found a system that helps clean off the fridge door and give me a temporary holding place for the incoming mail.

It is a two part system called “Panic No More” and “File the Pile”. Labels for the folders that go into labeled hanging files. I liked it because I didn’t have to think about it, I just put it all together. And then…

Wow! That easy! A place for the random coupons, take out menus, receipts for recent purchases…everything. Would you like a clean fridge door? You can purchase this system from my link or if you have more time, create something custom for yourself! Post pics in the comments of your completed projects, I would love to see them! 

Disclaimer: I am an Independent Consultant with Clever Container. I receive a commission on items purchased through my link. 

Happy Organizing!

Julie (not a pampered princess)

“You just gotta jump”…

So, I’m sure at some point over the last few months, you may have seen the Steve Harvey “he didn’t know the cameras were still rolling” speech where he enthusiastically tells people to recognize their  “gift” that they have been given and be wildly successful in life with it. What is that gift? It is different for everyone. It is your PASSION… What, in this life, are you passionate about?

I am passionate about helping people. I am a nurse. I started this blog as a way to help people struggling in life, looking for some positivity instead of the sea of negativity that tries to drown us daily. My Twitter feed is full of positive encouragement. I distance myself from drama. 

Maybe the Universe is guiding me to the place where I can share my passion for helping people and I can be happy, too. Don’t get me wrong, being a nurse, helping people like that, can be very rewarding. But, when it’s bad, it’s bad. Day after day, it wears you down.

Coaching people, encouraging people, helping people “find their gift”, helping people have a peaceful space, helping people organize their time and belongings so they are happy. Brings a smile to my face. And after so long, I think  I have finally found a way to share my “gift”, a way to follow my passion.


Clever  Container  This is my business link. I earn a commission from sales that occur through this link. I am  an Independent Sales Consultant. This is not a sponsored post. 


High quality organizing products for all areas of your home and auto. I decided to join this company because I needed help with organizing my household. Even as a teenager, I was always helping my friends clean and organize their rooms while I left mine…well, we don’t need to go there. 😳

If all goes according to plan, I will have a nice, organized, calm, chaos-free…oh, wait…I have gremlins ages 2 and 4…sigh…never mind. I will share some before and after pictures as we go along, no matter how painful it may be. I will do that in the spirit of helping you, my wonderful, soon-to-be-organized-with-me friends!


Julie  (not a pampered princess)

Do you have a “grazer”?

What is a “grazer” you ask? A child who wants to eat…  constantly.  We have  two of those.  Both of these children want to  eat ALL THE TIME. It takes up so much of the day to have them asking for things to eat and drink. Now, don’t get me wrong, I want my kids to eat. The problem is, if I fix them larger meals, they don’t eat it all. When they eat what they are interested in for the moment, the rest gets thrown to the dogs with fits of laughter.  The dogs have NO issue with this arrangement at all!

I, however, do not buy groceries to have them fed to the dogs, wasted, thrown away, etc. (the dogs are the crumb-catchers, don’t worry, they get enough).

My husband and I have tried to put them on a “schedule”, loosely, sort-of, but it always falls by the wayside when I am overwhelmed with so much to do, it’s just easier to just give them what they want, so they will sit down for 5 min. Sigh, there is my guilty admission. I give in too easy.

So my husband had THIS brilliant brainstorm:

pablo (7)


Divide up the day into snacks and meals. I had some scrapbook stickers to put on the clock at the decided times, and ta-da! NO MORE GIVING IN!

This has taken away the uncertainty of what to feed them when: a meal vs snack, when did I last give them something, when should they eat again? It is a routine, a no-brainer!

And guess what else? The kids don’t argue about waiting, much. They visually can “see” the next time they will have something to eat. AND… even though they can’t tell time yet, they are only 4 and 2, we have created an opportunity to teach them. WIN-WIN-WIN!

What are you “giving in” to just because it’s “easier”? Leave a comment below. Sign up to follow the conversation!


Julie (not a pampered princess)

You are doing ok.

pablo (5)


There are a few moments as a parent, that you get to see that, in fact…yes… you are doing, ok.

I experienced one of those moments today.

Our two and a half-year-old went into the kitchen and  was very quiet for, um, too long.  My husband went to check on him and found him carrying two cups of milk, carefully poured, barely a drop spilled on the floor.

May not seem like a big deal to some, but to me, it brought tears to my eyes. He had considered that his brother might also want a drink. So careful in pouring it out, not to make a mess. He poured equally, not giving himself more when he could have. Carrying  it  in to give to his big brother.

That moment, I saw independence, generosity, and consideration in him. Traits that even some adults could work on.

And my eyes teared, so proud of him, and us as parents, for that moment.

Yes, we are doing ok. And, so are you.


Julie (not a pampered princess)


Health is more than a “size”. More than a number on the scale. More than just a physical state. We need to realize this. Take a look at the “big” picture. Find some perspective.

How can I help you find that perspective? Where should we start? Let’s start with your attitude about yourself…remind yourself, hour by hour if you have to…”There is no such thing as perfect”. You are a work in progress. That means you   ALWAYS   have the ability to change that which is not ideal to you, for your experience.

Life is a journey. Learning, changing, growing. Embrace it. It’s ok to be nervous. I am.

Tell me something you wish to change that is not a physical trait.


Julie (not a pampered princess)


human connection 

  I am a spiritual person, not necessarily a religious one. I do, however, believe that we all   need to feel there is a connection to a higher power for support sometimes. Even if we look to the connection among each other, the human race, without limitations of gender, politics, identified orientation, race. Just that we are all HUMAN. Maybe, if we could focus on that commonality instead of our differences, the world would be a nicer place.  


Have you ever done something as a small gesture for someone and had them seem overwhelmed by it? I have wondered why some people react so intensely with the smallest of gestures. In my line of work, we see daily, that people sometimes appreciate “the little things” more than the life-saving “big” things we do as nurses. A warm blanket, holding a hand and talking to them for a few unhurried moments (even if we don’t really have the time), a cool washcloth to a fevered forehead. I don’t need a doctor’s order to do these things, they are my comforts to my patients.

A kind, soft spoken word of encouragement to someone struggling may mean more to them then you could ever imagine. This is my small gesture to you today. You can do this.  

you can do this



What if, for just one day, you had ALL the confidence in yourself that you needed to accomplish the biggest goal you have? Think about that for a second. No uncertainty, no doubt, no hesitation… just confidence.  Feel it. Own it. Even if it’s only for a minute. Embrace it. Somewhere deep inside you a switch has been flipped. It’s up to you to act on that feeling. Not to say there won’t be failures or disappointments. But, if you read my post “Momentum“, you will at least be “in motion”,  and sometimes that is the only confidence switch you need.

Leave me a comment on what hinders your confidence.


Which side of the Fence?


Which side of the fence are you on today? Are you being held in, held captive? What is holding you back? Your thoughts, lack of action, lack of confidence can all be things that may hold you back from achieving success or at least taking positive steps toward your goals.

Imagine the gate, imagine it  swinging wide open to allow you to get outside the fence. Don’t be afraid to step through that threshold, out into the freedom that awaits you.  What is one thing you can do today to help you achieve your goals? What gate can you open to help you succeed?

Comment below, let us know which side of the fence you are on today and what “gate” you need opened!